Inventorying the Early New England Families Study Project

Alicia Crane WilliamsTo access a list of families posted in the Early New England Families Study Project, go to SEARCH on the website Under CATEGORY select “Genealogies, Biographies, Heraldry and Local History” and under DATABASES select “Early Families of New England.” Click on VOLUME and all of the names of the heads of families in the database will appear.

As of this writing, they are: John Allen (m. 1638), Thomas Andrews (m. 1641), Joseph Andrews (m. 1632), Benedict Arnold (m. 1640), Edward Bulkeley (m. 1638), Thomas Bulkeley (m. 1638), John Capen (m. 1637), Daniel Denison (m. 1632), Edward Denison (m. 1641), George Denison (m. 1640), Thomas Dibble (m. 1637), Hopestill Foster (m. 1640), William Gaylord (m. 1641), Edmund Hobart (m. 1632), Joshua Hobart (m. 1637), Peter Hobart (m. 1628), Thomas Hobart (m. 1629), Francis Hudson (m. 1640), William Hudson (m. 1641), Humphrey Johnson (m. 1641), Isaac Johnson (m. 1636), Henry Kimball (m. 1641), John Leverett (m. 1639), Richard Lyman (m. 1641), Nathaniel Morton (m. 1635), John Norman (m. 1637), John Oliver (m. 1638), John Perkins (m. 1636), Richard Saltonstall (m. 1633), Robert Shelley (m. 1636), Thomas Starr (m. 1641), Hilliard Verren (m. 1641), Henry Winthrop (m. 1629), and John Winthrop the Younger (m. 1630).

Note that the “married” date may be a “married by” date or other estimation.

In the batting circle are: Samuel Dudley (m. 1632), Josias Hull (m. 1641), Thomas Lothrop (m. 1639), Bray Rossiter (m. 1639), Elias Stileman (m. 1640), and George Woodward (m. 1641).

I will include updates in the blog posts as new families are finished.

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