Ships of the Winthrop Migration, 1629-1630


The Massachusetts Bay Company arranged for six vessels to sail for New England in 1629, only five of which reached their destination. The salient details for each of these sailings are summarized below:

George Bonaventure, Thomas Cox, master. She left the Isle of..

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Assorted populations of the Great Migration

While the majority of the immigrants to New England between 1620 and 1640 were Puritans of some variety, a minority were conventional, conforming members of the Church of England, or of no particular religious persuasion at all. For example, West Country fishermen..

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Musings on seventeenth-century Puritans

Lately, I have been reading Tom Webster’s Godly Clergy in Early Stuart England: The Caroline Puritan Movement, c.1620-1643. Much of this volume is built around Thomas Hooker’s time in Chelmsford, Essex, in the late 1620s. One of my goals is to document in detail and..

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English port lists of the 1630s

John Camden Hotten first published The Original Lists of Persons of Quality his compilation of documents relating to seventeenth-century migration to New England, the Chesapeake, and the Caribbean more than a century and a quarter ago, and it remains one of our..

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Deep Puritan Roots

On a recent trip to Salt Lake City, I took along a list of questions to work on. I hoped to demonstrate directly that Alexander Nowell, the prominent English Puritan, actually had interactions with his grandnephew, Increase Nowell of Charlestown, Massachusetts..

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