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Nordahl L. Brue of Delray Beach, Florida, is a lawyer and entrepreneur currently serving as Chairman of Northbridge Investments LLC. He is best known as a founder of Bruegger’s Bagels, which today runs approximately 300 bakery-cafes in 24 states and the District of Columbia. He is a Life Member and former Chair of Grinnell College’s Board of Trustees, a former Chair of PKC Corporation and Franklin Foods, serves on the boards of Green Mountain Power Corporation and NNEEC, and is a former member of the Vermont State Governor’s Council of Economic Advisors. A member of NEHGS since 2002, Nord is a past Councilor and Life Member.

Plagues are personal

Baptismal record for Laers, son of Truels Laersen, living at Bruk 4 of Broe, from the Kirkebok for Rennesøy Palm Sunday 24 March 1771.

While I was researching and writing “The Early Years” segment of the book I have been writing about my great-great-great-grandfather Nils Trulsen Bru, I needed to look at his family of origin. What could be learned about his parents and siblings which might shed light on the course his life followed?

I had previously recorded data about his parents and the names and dates for his sister Malena and for two brothers, both named Lars. I knew that the first “Lars” died as a baby and that it was fairly common practice in those days to name a later child after one which had been lost. In fairness, I had never paid much attention to the death of the older Lars, who was baptized 24 March 1771 and buried later that year (on 10 November). Continue reading Plagues are personal